Teacher registration in WA

Teacher Registration in WA

The Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) was established under the Teacher Registration Act 2012 (the Act).  Section 6 of the Act requires all teachers employed or given permission to teach in Western Australian schools and certain other educational venues to be registered with the TRBWA.

People who must be registered

Teachers are defined as those who undertake duties in an education venue that include:

  1. the delivery of an educational programme designed to deliver a prescribed curriculum and the assessment of student participation in it; or
  2. the administration of any such educational programme.

The curricula which have been prescribed are:

  • Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia
  • the national school curriculum also known as the Australian curriculum, as well as any alternative curriculum framework published on the ACARA Recognition Register.
  • the following as administered by the WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority
    • the outline of curriculum and assessment in schools established by the Authority
    • a course developed or caused to be developed by the Authority
    • a course accredited by the Authority
  • the Victorian-registered Certificate in General Education for Adults
  • the USA College Board’s Advanced Placement Program
  • the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The Western Australian educational venues covered by the Act are:

  • all government and non-government schools
  • all community kindergartens
  • licensed child care centres*
  • all centre-based education and care services under the Education and Care Services National Law (Western Australia) Act 2012*
  • the two juvenile detention centres*.

* Teachers in these venues have until 6 June 2014 to apply for registration. After that date they must be registered from the date they commence duties.

People not required to register

Teachers in venues not listed above, such as private coaching colleges, volunteer tutoring programs and home tutoring, are not
required to register although they may obtain registration if eligible.

Teaching does not include the duties performed by a teacher’s aide, teacher’s assistant, student teacher on practicum placement or an educator or supervisor in a centre-based service other than an early childhood teacher.

A person who tutors, coaches or teaches an extra-curricular subject is not considered to be teaching for the purpose of the Act. Staff delivering VET courses are not required to be registered so long as they satisfy the definition of trainer or assessor under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) or the Commonwealth’s Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (2011). This is the case even if they are working in a school.

Note that people who are teaching in one of the educational venues covered by the Act must be registered. Teachers not currently teaching a prescribed curriculum or in an educational venue may apply for registration and are eligible if they satisfy the criteria listed in the Act and/or the Regulations.

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