Register of Teachers

Individuals identified on the Register of Teachers may legally teach in an educational venue within Western Australia, subject to any conditions placed on their registration.

The Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) issues a unique number to all teachers when they first gain registration. This registration number enables employers to search the Register of Teachers to ensure registration is current.

The register is live. Names are added and removed in real time. Therefore, the TRBWA advises all employers to check the Register prior to the appointment of any new staff member and at regular intervals for ongoing staff.

If you believe your name should appear on the Register of Teachers but it is not showing, please contact the TRBWA immediately.

Access to the Teacher Register Information (Professional) for the employer, principal and principal’s representatives of each educational venue is available by clicking here.

The Teacher Register Information (Professional) is best accessed using the latest versions of your favourite web browser, such as Google Chrome or Windows Internet Explorer Version 10 or higher.

Latest browsers can be acquired by clicking on the links below:


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